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Workplace Mediation in Schools in Daventry

Workplace disputes in schools can often be extremely damaging for the school as they often escalate quickly and can lead to low morale, lower productivity, high staff turnover and tribunal claims.

It can be difficult to prevent disputes arising and also to deal with them when they do.  Workplace mediation can be used for both disputes between teaching and non-teaching staff.

Workplace mediation is a voluntary process, usually arranged by the school, where two or more employees agree to attend a meeting with an impartial mediator.  The mediator works with the employees in helping them negotiate their own resolution and create an agreed way forward.

There will usually be three meetings: one with each of the employees and then a joint meeting with both employees.  

Stephen Wood can help the parties:

  • identify the issues and set out the agenda
  • explore the conflict and its causes
  • communicate what needs to be said, in the way it needs to be said
  • come to a mutual understanding
  • generate new options
  • work together to find a suitable solution
We are based in Northamptonshire and can offer workplace mediations for schools in Daventry.  Stephen can mediate in schools and neutral venues in or around Daventry.

Benefits of Workplace Mediation

  • Cost efficient.  It avoids legal fees and Employment Tribunal claims
  • It is quick.  
  • It seeks to restore relationships
  • It seeks to improve staff morale
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Aims to reduce stress
  • Maintains confidentiality

Stephen has undertaken workplace mediations for schools in Northamptonshire and in the surrounding area, and also for a local university.  

If you are a head teacher, principal, governor, HR manager or other interested party, call Stephen Wood on 07906 200 469 for an informal chat to discuss whether workplace mediation could be suitable for your school workplace dispute.