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Online Mediation

Online mediation is very similar to face to face mediation, but the meetings take place over webcams on a computer, tablet or smartphone, rather than in a room.

You may choose online mediation if:
  • You do not live near to the person you want to mediate with (perhaps you are in different countries);
  • You and the other party do not live near to a mediator;
  • You wish to save time travelling to the mediation;
  • You consider that you would be at risk of harm if you were in the same room as the other party;
  • You suffer from a disability that makes attending a mediator difficult; or
  • You would prefer to mediate online, just as you shop or bank online.

For online mediations Stephen Wood Mediation use a software called "" which you will have to download.  This is a free video interface software which offers high levels of confidentiality and security.  You can download it by clicking on the following link:

If you are connecting from a laptop or a desktop, please select the option "Zoom Client for Meetings".  If you connect from a mobile phone or tablet, please select the option "Zoom Mobile Apps".

Call Stephen Wood on 07906 200 469 for an informal chat to discuss whether online mediation could be suitable for your dispute.