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 Professional Negligence Dispute Mediation

Professional negligence disputes frequently involve allegations of poor advice, negligence and sometimes even fraud.

Allegations of professional negligence require sensitive handling.  Claimants may frequently feel let-down, angry or distressed.  The individual or firm against whom the complaint has been made may feel concerned and anxious.  There may also be an insurer involved, with its own commercial demands. Where an insurer is involved, coverage issues may arise between the insurer and the insured.

Mediation, unlike litigation, can often manage such disputes quickly, sensitively, and confidentially.  The mediated approach can work for the client, the professional adviser and the insurance company. For professional advisers who have received a complaint, perhaps consider mediation, rather than letting the matter go to the regulatory authority.

Call Stephen Wood for an informal chat to discuss whether mediation could be suitable for your professional negligence dispute.

  • Allegations of inadequate advice and representation by solicitors
  • Claims against accountants for negligence
  • Disputes with surveyor over defective property valuations
  • Claims against architects over property designs
  • Disputes with mortgage advisers
  • Allegations against vets for unnecessary treatment
  • Disputes with plumbers for unnecessary work
  • Claims against builders for defective work
  • Disputes against dentists for negligent dental treatment
  • Excessive fees and charges