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 Commercial Contracts Mediation

Many different types of disputes concerning commercial contracts can arise.   These can include disagreements with:

  • Customers and clients
  • Suppliers or distributors
  • Other parties to deals and joint ventures
  • Disgruntled employees and directors
  • Disputes between departments
  • Shareholders, co-owners and partners

Such disputes can lead to the breakdown of established relationships, unwelcome distractions for managers, and reduced productivity.  Where the disputes escalate to litigation, businesses will frequently experience soaring legal costs, less productive management time, loss of control and unwelcome publicity.

Unlike litigation, mediation can not only help to resolve the immediate commercial contract dispute but can also consider repairing relationships to assist the business to continue.   

Whilst financial factors such as compensation and commercial restrictions, will frequently be relevant in resolving commercial contract disputes, sometimes, non-financial factors such as recognition of contributions, genuine apologies and thanks will often also have a role to play.

  • Breach of commercial agreements
  • Breach of directors' duties.
  • Breach of fiduciary duties
  • Family business disputes
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Workplace mediation
  • Distribution of assets after dissolution
  • Post-sale restrictions
  • Post-termination restrictions

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