Workplace disputes can frequently be extremely damaging to an employer, with disputes often escalating quickly, and typically leading to lower morale, lower productivity, higher staff turnover and employment tribunal claims.

Workplace mediation is a voluntary process, usually arranged by the employer, where two or more employees agree to attend a meeting with an impartial mediator.  The mediator works with the employees in helping them to negotiate their own resolution and create an agreed way forward.

The benefits of workplace mediation include:
  • it is cost efficient (avoiding legal fees and employment tribunal claims);
  • it seeks to restore relationships;
  • it tries to improve staff morale;
  • it seeks to reduce absenteeism;
  • it aims to reduce stress; and
  • it maintains confidentiality.
Stephen Wood is an ADR Group Accredited Workplace Mediator, an ADR Group Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator and a Solicitor, and can offer workplace mediations in workplaces or neutral venues in and around Milton Keynes.  Call Stephen on 07906 200 469 to discuss how workplace mediation may assist you.