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Advise clients about litigation costs prior to the mediation

Posted by Stephen Wood on Wednesday, March 9, 2016, In : Costs 
As part of the mediation process I, along with most mediators, will ask the parties to calculate the costs of the litigation, in particular the costs they will pay if they win and the costs they could be ordered to pay if they lose.  It often has a very sobering effect!

It is therefore important for those advising a party to provide their client with details of the likely costs in advance of the mediation.
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Indemnity Costs for refusals to mediate

Posted by Stephen Wood on Tuesday, July 1, 2014, In : Costs 
In the 2014 High Court decision of Phillip Garritt-Critchley & Others v Andrew Ronnan and Solarpower PV Limited, HHJ Waksman QC awarded indemnity costs to the Claimants after deciding that the Defendants' refusals to mediate were unreasonable.

Pannone represented the Claimants and have recently published a summary.  The Claimants had offered ADR both pre-issue and after proceedings were issued.  Furthermore, at the Case Management Conference in May 2013, District Judge Khan recommended that th...
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