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Workplace Mediation in Bicester

Posted by Stephen Wood on Sunday, July 16, 2017, In : Workplace Mediations in Bicester 
Workplace disputes can frequently be extremely damaging to an employer, with disputes often escalating quickly, and typically leading to lower morale, lower productivity, higher staff turnover and employment tribunal claims.

Workplace mediation is a voluntary process, usually arranged by the employer, where two or more employees agree to attend a meeting with an impartial mediator.  The mediator works with the employees in helping them to negotiate their own resolution and create an agreed way...
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Decision Trees in Mediation

Posted by Stephen Wood on Sunday, July 16, 2017, In : Decision Trees 
Decision trees can be used in mediations as a method of analysing the risks and quantum of a case.  

For instance, in a tripping personal injury case, where the Claimant is suing for £100,000, a simple version of a decision tree may consider:

1. How likely is it that the Judge will find that the Claimant tripped over a dangerous defect in the highway?  Perhaps 90%

2. Did the Defendant do what it reasonably could to prevent the danger, particularly having regard to Section 58 Highways Act 1980? ...
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