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The difference between positions and interests

Posted by Stephen Wood on Sunday, October 19, 2014, In : Positions and Interests 
A position is a preferred course of action or a demand.  An interest is the reason(s) for a position or an objective.  A party's interests will usually consist of their needs, fears, desires and basic concerns which they are trying to satisfy with their fixed position.  There are often many ways of satisfying a party's interests, not just the one fixed position initially offered as the only solution.

Mediation attempts to identify the interests behind the positions, and find common ground at t...
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Telephone Mediations

Posted by Stephen Wood on Saturday, October 11, 2014, In : Telephone Mediation 
Sometimes mediations may be conducted by telephone rather than in face to face meetings.  This may take place:
  • if the parties live far apart from each other;
  • following face to face mediations which have been adjourned;
  • to save costs; and 
  • in the Small Claims Court Mediation Scheme.
As with face to face mediations, the mediator will usually hold separate pre-mediation discussions with the parties by telephone.  

A telephone conference call may take the place of a joint meeting.  However, certainly w...

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